Be A Super You This Supermoon

To be the best you, Heroes Fitness encourages you to continually challenge yourself. Here at the gym our challenges usually come in the form of a physical activity–a squat pr, a faster mile, a few more sit ups. all of which are powerful and positive. However, to be a better you, you must also challenge yourself mentally. And we believe that a mentally stronger you can only produce a physically stronger you, too. How many times in your toughest workout days has your head quit before your body? Learning to strengthen our mental endurance is just as important if not more important in overcoming our daily physical challenges.

This Saturday, July 12th, is one of three upcoming supermoons. A supermoon is when the moon is closer to the earth and appears to be gigantic. It effects the earth and all of us walking around on it too. With energy levels rising with the tides, let’s see if we can harness this fresh positive energy into positivity for all of us. Here are a few of Heroes Fitness suggestions to workout your mind and body this supermoon month:

1. Write.

This is a great time to set intentions and write them down. What are your goals for the next month? Where do you want to see your fitness journey go? Write it all down. Get a fresh notebook, keeping the lines clean and clear, and jot it down. You can keep the goals varied–small and instantly attainable to large and something to work towards. Anything that you desire for yourself, tickets to your favorite band that is coming to town, or to lose the last 10 pounds, whatever it is, write it down. And as the month goes on, come back to your list, and don’t just cross off the items to accomplished, but re-write the whole thing. Repetition, just like in lifting, creates positive muscle memory and allows you to see the evolution of your list.

2. Stop.

We are all so busy and often making time for your workout can be stressful. We love your dedication and appreciate all of your hard work. Heroes Fitness thrives off of members like you who make their health and fitness a priority. Sometimes though all of the rushing and lifting and racing can create a level of stress that ultimately doesn’t serve the body. So this Saturday, take few extra breaths between reps, hold your stretch just a few extra seconds, and be present wherever you are.

3. Appreciate.

What goes around comes around, right? So with the supermoon shining bright, allow that as inspiration to shed some light on someone who helps you or motivates you to be your best. Is that your awesome personal trainer? (We had to suggest it) Your spouse? You roommate? Whoever helps you, show them some love. And like we mentioned, it will come back around and maybe you will be walking in some extra moon light too!

Keep up all of the hard work. We love seeing your smiling and sweating faces in here every day. We hope this blog motivates you to get in touch with your mental needs and take a look outside on Saturday night. Don’t hesitate to ask us for any help with any of your fitness and health needs.