It’s the Final Countdown…to summer!

Our previous gave you a simple 6-step manual of how to be beach ready by summer. Well, back to reinforce our helpful pointers is our 5 start now lifestyle changes to help you prepare in the last weeks before the official summer solstice! Getting your body and mind ready for the warm months starts now and we want you to get a running start to propel your confidence and physical stride straight through until fall.

With just less than 6 weeks until the first day of summer, come in to Heroes Fitness to be ready in no time. Our members enjoy the perks of top of the line equipment, the highest quality amenities, and professional, goal-oriented personal trainers.

Don’t be shy to shed the clothes at your summer kick-off pool party. Shed the pounds with our easy 5-week countdown-to-summer to-do list:

1. Early bird gets the worm! Wake up when that alarm clock rings, do not hit snooze, but definitely pass go! Jump-start your day, your energy levels, and your metabolism by getting your workout done in the morning. You will feel more awake than after your normal double espresso, and will reap the benefits all day long! Plus, 5 weeks from now you will be feeling ready to hit the beach at a drop of a straw hat!

2. Fill up on fruits and veggies! You already know to get your full intake of fruits and veggies, and we always try to squeeze that one final cup of each into our daily diets. Try them a new way to gear up for summer—as alternatives! Make kale chips or beet chips to replace your sodium and calorie packed potato version. Ditch the ice cream or refined sugar heavy dessert for a sweet fruit alternative. It will have you eating cleaner, more mindfully, and healthier, and you will be feeling lighter and better in no time! Push through the first two weeks, which will be the hardest for the lifestyle change, but soon enough you will be craving an apple over a popsicle.

3. Tone it up! Use the next 5 weeks to focus on toning your muscles. Firm up your legs, tush, mid section, and arms with whole body exercises, like burpees or mountain climbers. Any exercise that requires multiple muscle groups is best because you are quite literally getting the best bang for your buck! Strength and circuit training is also great for burning calories all day. You will be getting beach ready while sitting at your desk!

4. Hydrate now! Water, water and more water. We cannot stress enough how important drinking water is for the body. It is wonderful for hydration, yes, but also for your skin and overall body function. Plus, it can help you lose and maintain a healthy weight by ridding the body of fat by-products and flushing the body of waste and toxins. Your skin will be glowing, your energy will be steady, and your body will be strong just in time to be lounging poolside.

5. Indulge! No, not on the dessert tray, but on your new suit of choice! After all of your hard work, it only makes sense to display the final masterpiece clad in a brand new bikini or pair of trunks. With your new body and confidence level through the cabana roof, accompany that awesome strut and attitude with something you love and can rock around the pool.

There ya have it! A quick, semi-easy, probably not pain-free, final countdown  to-do list to get in shape and feel your best for the approaching summer season. You can do it and if you ever need help or some extra pep to your step, you can lean on us when you’re tired. Heroes Fitness will keep you motivated and working until you reach your goals! Come in today to get started!