Kick your workout into high gear

We at Heroes Fitness love alternative forms of exercise! Living a healthy and active life outside of the gym is important and finding other forms of working out is key. Sports of all kinds are an easy way to incorporate fitness into your life outside of our gym. Join a team at your local sports and recreation center, or gather a group of your friends for a fun pick-up game!

Now, which sport to pick? This can be a tough one and playing anything is good for your health, but in light of the biggest sports event kicking off tomorrow, we are going to highlight the full body workout of playing soccer! You can tell soccer must be good for you just by checking out the players, male and female. They are ripped and lean and run non-stop for 90 minutes. Talk about endurance!

So here is a quick circuit training routine to get your ready for your soccer debut!

Start with a good warm-up. Incorporate jogging, skipping, side shuffling, and definitely dynamic stretching when warming up the muscles for some soccer action. With the jumping, sprinting, and kicking throughout the match, you want to make sure your hamstrings and quads are ready to go, but also your hip flexors and calves. If you are doing this routine at Heroes Fitness, jump on the treadmill or elliptical for 5-10 minutes, alternating between a slow and quick jog, then hop off and be sure to stretch the IT bands, hips, and hamstrings.

CIRCUIT: Do it all through 3 times

Squats to arm extensions. Soccer works the whole body, though the lower body is put to the test. Doing weighted squats (grab anywhere from 5-15 pound dumbell, kettle bell, or medicine ball) to straight arm extensions fires up the lower half while building upper body strength in your shoulders, back, and core. We have all seen that famous Brandi Chastain/black sports bra photo and we have all counted her abs! A firm soccer body is not just strong legs, but a solid core. This one move works everything!

Grab a jump rope (or jump laterally over a line) for 30 second intervals. As mentioned before, soccer players are endurance freaks, so increasing that heart rate and working on cardio fitness levels is a must!

Mountain Climbers are next up to keep that heart rate high and dynamically workout the whole body, specifically firing up that core! This move is to be done with proper alignment (strong arms, squeezing shoulders blades towards each other, tight core, and engaged legs), but for time! See how many you can get in in 30 seconds. Mountain climbers assist in endurance, hip flexibility, and core strength.

Side Lunges wrap up this circuit. To burn the inner thighs as well as build strength and stability in quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles. Soccer players are always twisting, bumping into the opponent, landing funky, and changing direction quickly. All of this unpredictable movement can be cause for injury.  Exercises like this one will create muscle stability, which will be necessary for your safety when the whistle blows. Do 10 on each side with control. If you want to challenge yourself more, add 5-15 pounds to your hands.

FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil kicks off tomorrow and we want you to be soccer ready! We at Heroes Fitness know how tough the soccer is and what the world’s best players have to do to get into that kind of solid shape and it inspires us to be our best. Keep up with the action and lead your team to victory with this soccer-approved circuit training.