Summertime Smoothies

With the official first day of summer only a few shorts days away, we are hearing up for the heat with our favorite go-to anytime drink–smoothies! At Heroes Fitness we want to supplement your hard work in the gym with a healthy and cooling treat. Smoothies are a great addition to any diet because of their versatility. You can add ANY fruit, ANY greens, ANY protein, ANY seed, ANY liquid, and ANYTHING else you may want and chances are it will turn out to be pretty tasty. If you only have a few strawberries left in the carton, a small handful of spinach, leftover OJ from breakfast, and some ice, not to worry! Blend it all up and you are in for a smooth, nutritious, filling mid-day snack.

Here is a guide to making the best smoothies:

1. Blender

This is arguably the most important aspect to a stellar smoothie. It is after all the vehicle that will deliver a smooth, sip-through-a-straw-able drink, or a think, chunky one. And sometimes a more substantial, think smoothie is exactly what you are looking for and in the end, you are still ingesting all the good stuff. So, really, it is u to you on how much you want to invest in your blender. They are not all created equal, but they generally get the job done. You can have a delicious and nutritious smoothie whether you spend $29 or $429. Just make sure you clean and dry your blender after every use! It will keep the blades sharper longer, keeping your smoothie game stronger too!

2. Base

This is the liquid portion and it can be whatever you want! This is one of our favorite parts of the smoothie because you can personalize it to your dietary needs. Some options for your base are: milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, water, coconut water, or juice of any kind. Try a few out and see what you like most!

3. Greens

Add some major fiber and protein with your greens. They are usually more pungent and add serious texture to your smoothie. Try any of our favorites–spinach, kale of any kind, collards, dandelion, parsley, or Swiss chard! Sometimes the greens make your smoothie a weird color, our standard is the darker the better!

4. Fruit

Time to sweeten this baby up by adding healthy, natural sugars from your favorite fruits! Again, play around with whatever combinations you like. A few of our preferences are: bananas (they will make the consistency a little creamier), strawberries or any berries, pineapple, mango, avocado (yup, it’s a fruit!), apple, kiwi, lemon (watch for seeds!), or peach! They are all yummy. You can’t go wrong.

5. Bulk It Up

This is the fun part! This layer is where you can add some personality to it and create the smoothie you need at the time of day. It is a post workout smoothie? Maybe add some protein powder. First thing in the morning? Maybe a little coffee. Looking for a meal replacement? Add some protein packed nut butters. Or maybe you are just looking to add a little more nutritional value. Add some ground chia or flax seeds. Get creative, and make Jamba Juice jealous of your homemade smoothie!

6. Sweeten It Up

Last step here before your smoothie masterpiece! This is the last step to add a little extra sweetness to your smoothie. If you are having a more green smoothie, then this step is especially useful for you. Here are a few healthy options to use: chopped dates, stevia, honey, raw agave nectar, coconut nectar, maple syrup, or coconut palm sugar.

We hope you are excited about the summer months ahead. We know you have been working hard to be beach and pool side ready. Now celebrate this weekend with some sunshine, healthy living, and delicious smoothies! Share your favorite recipes with us. All of us at Heroes Fitness are always on the hunt for new smoothie combinations. Enjoy.