Three’s a crowd—perfect!

Working out solo can be challenging at times, especially in the motivation department. How easy is it to skip out on the last two reps because you are tired; or to just ignore leg day altogether because doing one more day of squats sounds terrible? Well, if this ever happens to you, let us personally invite you to experience one of our many fun and thrilling group exercise classes!

With a packed, daily schedule of varied classes, you can try a different one seven days of the week!  It is important to us to make you feel empowered and able. By supplying exciting classes, surrounding you with motivated peers, and teaching from the best instructors, we hope this feeling exists.  We aim to create an environment where personal health and motivation flourish.

Our instructors are the best of the best! They have been rigorously trained in the field in which they specialize.  They are a teaching source for you and will help push you further or modify any exercise if needed. Your instructors will guide you through a killer workout and with the help of chart-topping music that keeps the energy flowing, your class will be dripping in sweat and smiles by the end.

From high-paced, heart-rate pumping classes like LES MILLS BodyAttack, LES MILLS RPM, and LES MILLS BodyStep to mellow, breath conscious classes like LES MILLS BodyFlow and hatha yoga, we have a class that will welcome, challenge and change you. And if you are someone who falls somewhere in  between those two extremes, classes like Fit Yoga or LES MILLS BodyVive will deliver that sweet balance of low-impact hard work.

We also offer classes that are conditioned for our younger and older clientele. Fit4Kids is a stimulating new class for children to learn and experience the importance of fitness and how it can create a happy, healthy life. And our Healthways SilverSneaker class is catered to our older members, which focuses on building strength, improving balance and increasing endurance to cultivate more confidence and independence.

Overall, Heroes Fitness works to make reaching your fitness goals as easy and accessible as we can. That does not mean the classes will be a breeze, but they will be entertaining and filled with positivity and encouraging friends! Let us help you.

Start today with a new class and find which one works for you!