What we can do for you!

Losing weight, adding muscle mass, meeting like-minded people, leaning out—all are viable, excellent, and common reasons for joining a gym. However, at Heroes Fitness we are not common—we are one step above the rest by offering you personalized, catered personal training, varied classes with knowledgeable teachers, cutting-edge gym equipment, and all at an affordable price.

Heroes Fitness is the perfect gym for families or individuals; whether avid swimmers, or passionate free-weight lifters, we have something for everyone. Our friendly and professional child-care services allow mom and dad to be care free when heading into their sweat session. And our new lap-pool provides a unique option to supplement the more conventional cardio machines that line the walls of our cardio room.

Group exercise classes are always a favorite among members because they are a social platform where personal and community growth is valued. It is a time to meet new people while working out and getting fit together. It is a supportive atmosphere where smashing personal goals is an everyday occurrence. We have an assortment of classes so that everyone in the whole family can jump right in! From yoga to Fit4Kids to BodyAttack, all ages and fitness levels are welcome and are sure to have a blast!

After all of your hard work, rest and re-invigorate those sore muscles by resting in one of our massage chairs. Taking advantage of our massage chairs decreases the down-time between workouts and repairs your muscles with increased blood flow. Enjoy some down time before you rev back up for the rest of your day. You’ve earned it!

Lastly, before you jump into the shower head over to the tanning beds to get that bronzed glow. Our prime tanning beds are a new addition to our facilities that offer one more added bonus to the services we provide. We want to go above and beyond the call of an average gym to deliver you an experience that makes coming to the gym your favorite part of the day!

Comfort and approachability at a gym are keys to success. But other than our stellar amenities, what makes us different? How can our gym offer you the most-efficient and obvious results? At Heroes Fitness we have a you-can-do-it attitude and we want to assist you in making your fitness dreams a reality. We are your friends, support system, and gym family. We believe that moving forward in making healthy changes while positively encouraging and celebrating the progress thus far is more effective than any other method.

Join Heroes Fitness today and let us show you what we can do for you!